Ring route from Istanbul

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1100 km. / 7+ days

Embark on a real adventure from Istanbul in a mobile home. We have laid a circular route through ancient cities, picturesque beaches, thermal springs, fortresses and ruins.

Traveling by motorhome in Turkey is not uncommon, it is safe and comfortable here. You can stay overnight at special campsites (the whole coast is teeming with them) or in the wild — on the beach, in the mountains with a beautiful view, on a quiet street of some city.

Day 1. Istanbul
It would be a good idea to spend a couple of days in Istanbul before starting a trip on a motorhome. There is something to see here. This city has managed to visit the capital of four empires: Roman, Byzantine, Ottoman and Latin.

Do you want to visit places of historical events?
In Istanbul, you can visit St. Sophia Cathedral — the main shrine of the entire Christian world. The remains of minarets, mosaics and panels with Arabic script have been preserved in the temple. The Blue Mosque is no less popular. 260 windows are located in a special way in the huge hall. Majestic on the outside and magical on the inside.

It is also worth visiting Topkapi Palace, Dolmabahce Palace, Galata 61-meter tower (you will notice it immediately).

Istanbul is considered the unofficial capital of European shopping. Laleli district is the famous city "shopping center". The Grand Bazaar indoor market is a kind of "city within a city", there are 4,400 shops and 40 trading houses.

There are a sufficient number of parks in Istanbul, such as a miniature park, in the city center. This is a miniature of Istanbul. Each layout in the park is an exact copy of a real building on a scale of 1 to 25.

Did you walk around the city? We get a house on wheels and on the road!

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Day 2. Istanbul - Bursa (154 km. 2 hours)

Our first stop is the city of Bursa. It is located 20 km from the Marmara Sea. Here you can explore the sights — the Green Mosque, the Green Mausoleum, the Archaeological Museum, the Ulu-Jami Mosque, the Murat II Mosque.

We recommend to visit the thermal springs, the Koza Han silk market, the village of Cumalikizik (an affordable way to go back several centuries, people still live in this ancient village). There is a great Misi campsite in Bursa — you can spend the night here.

If you travel in winter and are not indifferent to skiing from the mountains, then from here you can get to the Uludag ski resort with a length of 80 km. In this case, the rental company will give you chains for wheels.

Day 3. Bursa - Afyonkarahisar (300 km. 3.5 hours)

The city with the unpronounceable name Afyonkarakhisar is famous for a dark 226-meter rock and a fortress on it. And also large-scale opium production.

Here you can visit mosques and museums, but the most interesting is the Phrygian ruins of the VI century. There are thermal springs in the same area. Find an overnight stay in any place you like.

Day 4. Afyonkarakhisar — Pamukkale (240 km. 3 hours)

Then we drive by motorhome to the city of Pamukkale — this is an Instagram paradise! Here are the famous thermal springs, which are located on terraces of white limestone.

Also here you can see the ruins of the ancient spa town of Hierapolis during the Roman Empire. The theater and sarcophagi in the necropolis are best preserved.

Another attraction is Cleopatra's pool. An antique pool with Roman columns, which were under water as a result of an earthquake. In Pamukkale you will find several campsites where you can comfortably stay overnight.

Day 5. Pamukkale — Ephesus (190 km. 2.5 hours)

Ephesus is the largest and best preserved ancient city in Turkey. Famous for the temple of Artemis — one of the seven wonders of the world. And also the largest open-air theater of its kind with a capacity of 44 thousand seats.

Other attractions: the Agora portico, the temple of Hestia, the gates of Hercules, an ensemble of houses with mosaic floors and wall frescoes ("Houses on the Hillside"), the building of the Prytani clerical services and a local brothel with a road sign to it. From here, it's a short walk to the coast.

Many campsites are located near the sea and in the city itself. For example, Antique Lodge Karavan Kamp is a camping with a swimming pool and good reviews.

Day 6. Ephesus - Izmir (80 km. 1 hour)

Now the motorhome has taken us to the storehouse of artifacts found in ancient ruins — the city of Izmir. Here the temple of Athena and other buildings will help you feel the power of an ancient civilization.

Konak Square is located in the center of the city. It is famous for its tower clock — a unique symbol of the city.

It is worth visiting Aslanjak — small streets with lots of bars in houses from the Ottoman Empire. There you can drink tea or beer and try a variety of hookahs.

Kadifekale, an ancient castle on the hill of Izmir, is also popular with tourists. This is one of the most striking architectural monuments. Today you can go towards Troy, along the way you will find spectacular views and many campsites on the coast.
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Day 7. Izmir — Troy (300 km. 4 hours)

The most interesting in Troy are the walls and towers near the altar of the temple of Athena. Not far from the city there are excavations of Alexandria, where the temple of Apollo has already been found. In the near future, Alexandria will be attached to the Troy complex, which will make the trip to Troy more interesting.

And who has not been to the new water park "Troy" — he has not been to Turkey. Crazy slides and "Trojan Horse" give tourists a lot of sensations. This is a "master visit"

Day 8. Troy — Tekirdag (190 km/3 hours)

Tekirdag is a small town on the shore of the Marmara Sea. On the local beaches you can stay with a beautiful view or stay overnight. The city was once part of Thrace, the local museums are a real storehouse of beautiful exhibits of the once powerful kingdom.
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Day 9. Tekirdag — Istanbul (150 km. 2 hours)

We are completing our adventure in Istanbul and returning the mobile home to the rental company.