Turkey on a motorhome from Antalya

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2100 km / 10-14 days

If in your view Turkey is only a beautiful tan and "all inclusive", then we have something to surprise you with. We want to offer a unique and exciting adventure. On your way you will meet national parks, ancient cities, thermal springs and places included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.
Day 1

Enjoy the full beauty of Antalya.
From the very foundation, Antalya has been considered one of the most beautiful places on the whole Earth. Modern Antalya is a wonderful climate, amazing nature and cultural heritage. All this was the reason why we recommend starting your journey and getting to know Turkey here. The picturesque town of Goynuk is a 30-minute drive from Antalya. Here you should hike along part of the Lycian trail leading from the Goynuk Canyon to the village of Chiraly. You will have the opportunity to appreciate how beautiful the Goynuk Canyon itself and even the Chimera lights are when you reach the village of Chiraly.

The village of Chiraly is a great place to stay on the first day of the trip. But even here you have something to see, and first of all, these are wonderful beaches, the ancient city of Olympos, which has preserved its texture, carved out of rocks. Also here you can relax in the hotel and spend time in a good restaurant, with a choice of both Turkish and Mediterranean cuisine.

Day 2
Feel the romance of the city of Kash.
This small town has incredible beauty, the spirit of romanticism is blowing from everywhere. Kash is famous for its colorful narrow streets leading directly to the sea. There are no large hotels, noisy parties and other attributes of modern cities. The porridge is divided into 2 parts: the city itself and the Chukurbag peninsula. Just the peninsula can offer you a good hotel or villa of your choice. On the way from Chirala to Kasha in the middle of the route, be sure to visit Demre. In this city, you should definitely see the Ancient Greek cemetery and the Church of St. Nicholas.
Day 3
Spend time in the Saklykent National Park.
Saklikent Gorge has relatively recently acquired the status of a national park. The gorge is conditionally divided into several parts. The first part of the way is equipped with hinged bridges, so you can walk right over the stormy river. Saklikent can please you with its genuine beauty, excellent waterfalls and 16 caves. Then you should go to Oludeniz. There is definitely something for tourists of any age to do in this picturesque village.

The main thing that tourists seek to get here is a paragliding flight. The flight is conducted together with an instructor from Babadag Mountain. You will be able to hover in the air for about 25 minutes, making a jump from a height of about 1700 meters. Also, for lovers of active recreation, there is an opportunity to take a kayak and explore the surrounding areas on their own.
Бычий забег в Памплоне
Day 4
Experience the incredible atmosphere of the Pamukkale complex.
Pamukkale is recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This place has thermal springs, ancient artifacts and unimaginable landscapes. The mineral waters of the geothermal pool will give you a rejuvenating and wellness effect! Then there is a museum where you can admire the archaeological finds and continue to enjoy the views of Pamukkale.

Mineral waters reaching temperatures up to 100 degrees have been flowing down the slopes for thousands of years, forming small natural pools of various shapes with limestone sides. During this process, a snow-white precipitate is formed, which the locals associate with cotton. Therefore, Pamukkale means "Cotton Castle" in Turkish.
Трекинг в Пиренеях. Девушка сидит на валуне, наблюдая закат
Day 5
The ancient city of Sagalassos.
Isparta is famous for its lavender fields and roses. It is definitely worth paying attention to the city's attractions here. Here you can appreciate the buildings erected in the 14th and 15th centuries, namely the Khizir Bey mosque, fortresses and bazaar. One of the largest lakes in Turkey, Egirdir, is located in Isparta. The water in this lake is crystal clear, and it is an ideal vacation spot for ecotourism supporters. And the pearl of this part of the way is Sagalassos. Here you can enjoy a walk, carefully examine the artifacts discovered during excavations. The fountain of the Hadrian era is recognized as the main attraction of Sagalassos.
A visit to Isparta can be the end point of your trip if you don't have a lot of time. You can turn back towards Antalya or continue and go to Konya through the lakes.

Day 6
Konya is a town with a huge historical heritage.
Here you can visit such beautiful and fascinating places as the Butterfly Garden and the Science Center, as well as the International Cultural Center of Mevlana. But the main thing that may surprise you here is the Sufi ritual "Sema". It takes place every Saturday and is a dance of dervishes. Dervishes are Muslim monks who have chosen the path of Sufism.

The dance symbolizes unity with God, achieved through dance-meditation. Prolonged circling allows monks to enter a trance state. It looks very mysterious and fascinating. Dervishes raise one hand to the sky, lower the other to the ground, as if they are carrying out some kind of energy transfer.

Having received saturation from such impressions, we advise you to stay overnight in Konya. There are many excellent hotels here that will provide you with a rest.
Виноградная лоза
Day 7
Red Lake Tuz.
The next mark on the map will be — Lake Ace. Here you can meet pink flamingos. From July to August, the water in the lake turns red, it looks great. Flamingos just complement the picture and the landscape turns out incredible. If you find yourself here at sunset, you will definitely remember this beauty forever.
Day 8
Fabulous Cappadocia
Then we go to Cappadocia. The centuries-old landscapes and ancient settlements of these territories are included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. Goreme National Park requires special attention here. In fact, this is a real open-air museum, occupying an area of about 300 square meters. It is a complex of rocky formations, caves and ancient monasteries. The National Park offers you to get acquainted with the churches located right in the caves.
Day 9
Overnight at the town of Silifke.
Now our way lies in Silifka along the coast. Local attractions will take us no more than a day of walking. Here you can go to the village of Uzundzhaburch and feel the authentic atmosphere and learn about local customs, or you can visit the Archaeological Museum, where the most interesting finds of the region are collected.

Tourists are offered an ascent to the Silifke fortress itself. Near the fortress, you can spend time in a cafe with a cup of Turkish coffee and enjoy the views from the observation deck. At the end of the trip, we advise you to go along the coast to the village of Mahmutlar. But lovers of more free, active recreation can choose to spend the night in a motorhome and on a wild beach.
Day 10

Visit Dim River National Park in the vicinity of Alanya.
Being near the Dim Chai River, it is impossible not to admire its surroundings. Here you can have a great time with your loved ones, having a picnic or a date for a loved one. The valley through which the river flows is a real paradise.

After that, go to the very center of Alanya and take a walk around the fortress. Here you can also stay overnight in a free city parking lot.
Day 11
The way to Antalya.
We return to Antalya, the journey from Alanya will take about 2 hours.