"Golden Ring" of Russia

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960 km / 6-10 days / april-october

If you want to feel and dive in real soul of mother Russia - The Golden Ring is the best route for you.

Exploring new places and tour highlights with RV is more convenient and comfortable because you can stop at any place and spend a night just where you want.
Тур на автодомах в Португалию и Испанию.

Before you jump to your motohome walk around some interesting place of the capital city. Here is some tips for you.

You're all aware of The Red Square which is the most popular and important in Russia. But did you know that it also has been a valuable place for ancient Russians who carried out public festivals there?

Next destination is Kazansky Cathedral and Lenin's Mausoleum. But don't forget the mausoleum is usually extremely packed. Take a look at Zaryadye Park and Alexander Garden then, where you can take a rest from routine and understand how picturesque these places are.

There is Uspensky Cathedral nearby The Red Square, where you can observe the sacred relics and the whole museum exposition. We also advise you to visit Gorky Park and Sparrow Hills (Vorobyovy Gory), which are also popular among young citizens.

Our next important place is Old Arbat Street, which is deservedly considered the best symbol of Moscow. On this street you can absolutely enjoy the atmosphere, music and local restaurants. If you are into Russian rock music, you will be interested to attend the wall in memory of Victor Tsoy.
Sergiev Posad

Let's hit the road! You'll get RV from rental company and goiing out of the city. The best time to live early morning or after 10.00 am to avoid traffic jam.

Your destination is Sergiev Posad, where you'll get to know the brightest landmarks of the area. Go to the Holy Trinity St. Sergius Lavra right away. There you can find a wellspring, a chapel, lavishly decorated wooden stairs etc.

Overnight in camping "Blinnaya gora" (Pancake mountain) just in the heart of the town.

Our next destination is Pereslavl Zalessky. This city is popular with its museums, churches and the statue, which is erected in honour of Nevsky. Speaking about museums, you may be interested in the Museum of cunning and ingenuity, the Museum of Iron or maybe the most important one is the Museum of Novgorodsky Knyaz(Prince).

At the end of the third day of our trip, we recommend you to see "Russian Park" complex. Here is The Tea Museum and The Museum of Proverb. The territory of this complex includes a lot of various exhibits. Even on a get-to-know trip you'll find so many different objects, which may catch your attention.
Тур на автодомах в Португалию и Испанию.

Your next destination of the trip is Rostov. You are going to visit Kremlin first. Then on the way to The Museum of Hot Enamel, you will get an opportunity to look at ancient Russian architecture. Also, visit The House of Crafts, where you can also buy memorable souvenirs.

Spend a night near the town. Camping "Yaroslavna" located just on the beautiful lake Nero.

Next stop is in Uglich town. Take a look at another Kremlin. Yes, there are hundreds Kremlins around Russia, not just on the Red Square. Furthermore, you have a chance to observe different churches, cathedrals and monasteries. Right after this you have an option to visit another Museum of Russian Myths and superstitions. There you can acquaint with characters of Russian folklore and you'll understand where all superstitions came from. This miraculous town will impress you with its various a bit weird museums. For instance, The Museum of Russian Vodka or The Museum of Prison Art.
Тур на автодомах в Португалию и Испанию.

The small town of Myshkin literally selfmade. Only a few thousand people live here, but the number of attractions per square meter is simply off scale. Most of them are small, private mouse-themed museums created specifically to attract tourists and develop the travel industry. There are also several noteworthy churches from the 17th-19th centuries.

Will stay for night in this lovely town on the amazing campground

Rybinsk and Yaroslav

Go further to Rybinsk. The main feature of the city is its architectural monuments. From the Church of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, built by the Polish community, to the colorful House of Artists, any of them can surprise and delight lovers of unusual buildings. Do not forget about the sculptures depicting the history of Rybinsk. There was even a place for the brother of the founder of the Nobel Prize, Ludwig.

Then move to Yaroslavl, where you will have a chance to see The Museum-reverse and some thematic museums. Moreover, there are many churches, cathedrals and cultural monuments, where you can fully enjoy. At the end of the day of travelling park your RV on the camping on site of Hotel "Yaroslavskoe podvorie" and spend a night there.

In the morning we continue our trip and we plan to visit Kostroma to attend The Romanov Museum of Russian king dynasty.

Due to our plan, the next destination is The Museum of Jewellery, where more than 500 articles are presented. We have before us The Museum of Len and Birch Bark. There you'll know how ancient Russians sewed clothes. Furthermore, you can even buy unusual souvenirs.

Will stay for another night in Kostroma on the site of Hostel "Academy". This is lovely place right in the center of Kostroma.

On the next day we are going to attend another incredible town which is called Ivanovo, where we can enjoy The Preobrazhensky Cathedral, different monasteries, which help you realise the real atmosphere of Orthodox Russia. To get even more inspired we'll visit The Art Museum and The Museum of Soviet Auto Industry. The rest of the day we'll spend in Ivanov Historical and Local History State Museum.
Тур на автодомах в Португалию и Испанию.
Suzdal and Vladimir

The next Russian town is Suzdal, where we'll also admire another Kreml, cathedrals and churches. Suzdal is famous for its Museums of Wooden Architecture, of Wax Figures and of Living History.

Overnight in the incredible camping in tourism center "Suzdal"

Next morning we are moving forward to Vladimir, where you can see Cathedral Square and a monument, which is erected in honor of Andrey Rublev. It is necessary to visit a cultural and educational centre "Palati" and The Historical Museum. Surely, we still remember about The Museum of Gingerbread and Chocolate. This little town will impress and delight you with its entertainments.

Later, we are going to a viewing platform on Georgievskaya Street. The main reason for visiting Vladimir is its The Golden Gate, which is only one existing nowadays.

After all, we are about to go back to Moscow.