From Antalya along the Lycian Trail to the Aegean Sea

1000 km. / 13 days
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Day 1
  • The route starts from the Goynuk Canyon. It is better to leave early in the morning in order to get to the place of the first overnight stay by the evening. The local nature surprises from the very beginning of the trip. 10 km from Antalya there is a rocky park in the Gulf (Çöplük koyu), where you can make a stop for the first photo.

  • Then, passing the Chamdag mountain tunnel (Çamdağ Tüneli) and turning off the main road to the right, moving along the serpentine, we approach the first point of the route.The Goynyuk Canyon is located near the village of the same name. Its name, translated from Etruscan, means "a fertile valley in a place of sky-blue junction", which perfectly characterizes this place. Dizzying mountain views open up to tourists here, turkeys and rabbits walk around the park, and guides offer to spend time actively. A popular attraction is kayaking along mountain rivers, through caves in the rocks. Entrance to the park itself is paid and will cost about two dollars.
  • No less exciting places are waiting ahead. When you get to Olimpos Park (Olimpos - Beydağları Sahil Milli Parkı), you can leave the mobile home and take a walk / ride along the picturesque trails to the ruins of an ancient settlement.Then we head to the canyon of Kesme (Kesme Boğazı Mevki) in the state forest reserve of Cesme (Çeşme) — this is a great place to stop and have a snack with a view of the canyon itself, the mountain river and the aqueduct. If you still have the strength, be sure to drive to the Gedelme fortress, which is located a few kilometers from the canyon.

In the town of Tekirova, you can stay overnight at the Sundance Caravan&Camping, which is located on the seashore. From here you can see the first point of the second day's journey — the ancient city of Phaselis.

Day 2
  • Phaselis is an ancient Lycian town, where workshops, aqueduct, agora, baths, necropolis, amphitheater, etc. have been preserved. The purest sea also pleases. The entrance to the museum city will cost 55 Turkish lira.

  • Tourist Turkey is incredibly diverse. And so, after basking in the sun for a while and walking the streets of the ancient city, we head to the mountains. Takhtaly Mountain used to be called Olympus (in the lane "mountain"). The observation deck at its top can be reached by car or funicular. If the weather is clear, there are unforgettable views from here. The price for the funicular lift is $ 30. From the top of Takhtaly Mountain, you can see the magical bays of the city of Tekirova and the village of Chiraly, where we are heading further.

  • Chiraly Beach (Çıralı) is one of the most picturesque in this area. And there is something to see in the vicinity of the village. For example, literally breathing history, ancient Olympos (Olympos Antik Kenti) is the next city that was part of the Lycian Union. The buildings that have survived to this day indicate that the Romans and Ottomans ruled here. The entrance ticket is 20 liras.

  • The best point to admire the sunset on this day is the natural wonder of Turkey Yanartash (or Mount Chimera). In the evening, Chimera lights are visible here — flames that break out directly from the rock. Turkish lira will be asked for entrance to the territory, so it is important not to forget to change the money beforehand.

It will be convenient to stay at Adrasan Kıyı camping.

    Day 3
    • The morning begins with an acquaintance with the lovely town of Adrasan, on the edge of which there is a nine-meter lighthouse Gelidonia (Gelidonya Feneri). It is built on a hill with a height of more than 200 m above sea level. From here you can see an archipelago of five small islands, literally "grown up" among the water. From the lighthouse, the island of Suluada is also viewed, which is called the Maldives of Turkey for its turquoise clear water and sandy beaches. You can get to the island by boat, the price of such an excursion with lunch is about 150 liras. On the island, those who wish to go snorkeling are offered.

    • To see the next attraction, you need to change the location. Near the pretty town of Kumludzha is Rhodiapolis (Rhodiapolis Antik Kenti). According to one version, its name translates from Luvian as "city of roses". The settlement is gradually being restored, so you can see some of the buildings in their original form. For example, the amphitheater was restored. Here is the mausoleum of Opramoas, an important person for Lycia. Entrance to the city museum is free.

    The next day is going to be very busy and even more exciting, so when you return to Adrasan, have a good rest.
    Day 4
    • This time we have to drive about 170 km. In the morning we go to the Lycian city of the World (Myra Antik Kenti). Every year thousands of tourists come here to see unique rock tombs, a large-scale amphitheater and the ruins of an ancient settlement. Pilgrims from different countries visit the world to see the Christian shrine — the Church of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker.

    • Mira is the tourist "mecca" of Turkey, but there are also noteworthy sights in the vicinity of the city. These are sunken settlements near Kekova Island (Dolihiste, Aperlai, Simenu); ruins of the ancient cities of Andriake and Theimussa.

    Continuing the way, do not rush to hide the camera. On the way to the place of overnight stay (we recommend Oh Be Camping) you will have a stunning view of the city of Kash.
    Day 5
    • We start the route of the fifth day from the well-preserved ancient city of Patara (Patara Antik Kenti), near which there is a desert of sand dunes.

    • Landscapes change and the next stop is one of the deepest in the world and the deepest in Turkey, the incredible Saklikent Canyon. It's best to park the mobile home and go explore the area. Streams, waterfalls, canyons…The landscapes of Saklykent are breathtaking

    On the way to Kidrak Camping NAMASTE, you will meet three more ancient cities where you can drop by if you want: Xanthos, Tlos, Pinara.
    Day 6
    • Time for active recreation. In the morning, arrange a hiking trip to the top of Babadag Mountain, from the observation deck of which the best panorama of the surrounding beauty opens. Tourists are offered to fly here. Babadag is a popular place for paragliding. If you do not plan to have an extreme vacation, then you can have a good time on the fantastically beautiful beach of Oludeniz (Ölüdeniz Plajı).Extreme athletes who have decided to fly land here.

    • 15 km from Oludeniz there is a Greek settlement Kayakoy, where not a soul has lived since the 19th century. This is a ghost town, a kind of Detroit in Turkey. Visiting Kayaks will definitely add variety to the routes.
    Day 7
    • The mileage will be close to 340 km by the evening. After leaving the vicinity of Fethiye, head to Dalyan. Local agencies offer to catch a rare blue crab here with their own hands, look at ancient rock Lycian burials, visit the Iztuzu Plajı beach, where turtles "hang out" and lay eggs, and get healthier with therapeutic mud.

    Further along the course — Marmaris and overnight in a beautiful place, where Aktur Çadır ve Karavan Kampı is located.
    Day 8
      • Marmaris is a unique city located on the coast of two seas at once: the Mediterranean and the Aegean. It is also notable for the fact that Rhodes Island is located 60 km from here. If you take care of the paperwork in advance, that by paying 80 euros, you can make a sea trip to Greece on this day. The ferry runs 2-4 times a day. Another ferry from Marmaris goes towards Bodrum.

      • Another option to make this day memorable is to go on a tour to Cleopatra Island. According to legend, the island was given to her by Mark Anthony. For the sake of his beloved, he chose the best place and brought there several tons of the best pearl sand from far Africa. Today, it is forbidden to export this unique sand from the island.
      Day 9
      • Finally, there is an opportunity to rest and gain strength for the further journey. Enjoy the beauty of the local nature in Dilek National Park (Dilek Yarımadası Büyük Menderes Deltası Milli Parkı).Dilek is an untouched corner of wildlife. Wild boars, hares and roe deer run around the park. Pedestrians and cyclists pay 7 liras for entry, motorists — 13 liras. Also, a minibus runs here until 18:00.

      • On the way to Dilek, you can stop in the ancient cities of Miletos (Miletos Antik Limanı) and Priene (Priene Antik Tiyatro).

      Do not stay late, as it is still 80 km to Arvalya Özel Kamp Alanı, from where tomorrow's route starts.
      Day 10
      • Do not stay late, as it is still 80 km to Arvalya Özel Kamp Alanı, from where tomorrow's route starts. It's time to get acquainted with one of the most interesting ancient cities of the route — Ephesus (Efes Antik Kenti). One of the 7 wonders of the ancient world is located here — the Temple of Artemis of Ephesus (Artemis Tapınağı). The city itself is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. On the example of Ephesus, you can see the structure of the city of that time. There are preserved streets with a library, agora, catering, brothel, theater, odeon. Tickets to the museum city cost 100 lire. And on the hill above Ephesus there is a house in which the Holy Virgin Mary spent the last years of her life.

      • A kilometer from Ephesus there is another attraction from the UNESCO list — the Church of St. John the Theologian, erected on the burial site of the saint.

      • Further along the course is the park "Bird paradise" (Izmir Bird Sanctuary Visitor Center), at least a paradise beach near it and a holiday in Karagol Orman Kampı.
      Day 11
      Mahalle Yamanlar
      • Take a break between busy excursions by having a picnic in the Yamanlardağı Tabiat Parkı National Reserve and climbing Sipil Mountain (Spil Dağı) with a height of 1513 m.

      Then we start our way back to Antalya. There are 200 km of the way to the legendary Pamukkale — the hallmark of Turkey.

      The choice of places to stop for the night here is small, but there is a cozy Hotel Pamukkale near the attraction.
      Day 12
      • Pamukkale is famous for its travertine terraces. This is a unique place with thermal waters and mineral springs. And after swimming in Cleopatra's pool (Antik Yüzme Havuzu), you can even improve your health. It is said that Cleopatra looked so young precisely because she regularly swam in this pool.

      • The ruins of ancient Hierapolis and its majestic amphitheater are also located here. The place is so colorful that it was chosen for the filming of the films "Ghost Rider" and "Odyssey".

      • An hour's drive from Pamukkale there is an unusual cave Kaklik, surprising with its reliefs. Its depth is 190 m .
      Day 13
      Aydynlar (Tillo)
      There is only one day of travel left. Spend it beautifully in the Turkish Maldives — in Salda Park (Salda Gölü Tabiat Parkı).

      • The route is coming to an end and the penultimate stop is the Termessos Park near the Gulluk Mountain (Güllük Dağı Termessos Milli Parkı) with the ancient settlement of the same name and an amphitheater built over a cliff. Thanks to this placement, the views here are fantastic, but in order to enjoy them you will have to leave the mobile home and travel several kilometers through the mountains on foot. Otherwise you can't get here.

      • An amazing photo at the end of the trip will turn out over the Hoover Canyon (Gever Uçurumu).

      The rest of the night can be spent at Kübrik camping, which is located near Antalya.
      The route is very busy and, perhaps, it will not be possible to visit all the proposed places. For those who have decided that they want to fulfill the "maximum program", see Turkey in all its glory, visit all historical and natural attractions, they came up with a Museum Pass. It optimizes the costs of visiting many attractions of the country. Such a card can be purchased in the museums themselves, tourist information centers of Antalya and ordered online.